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Auckland, New Zealand
New-Zealanders’ health could be improved by greater emphasis on all aspects of natural heath and healing. It is important to take a holistic view of health and healing which sees the healing process as a matter of mind, body, and spirit. Healthy diet and exercise are vital for health. Restoring and maintaining the health of the natural environment is an essential part of keeping or population healthy. This includes using organic and biodynamic farming methods. Consideration of social issues, justice, and peace throughout the world is relevant to health. A loving concern for people, plants, animals and environment is the basis of good health for all New-Zealand.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

MENTAL WEALTH DAY - three events Friday 23rd October to Saturday 24th October 2015

Two Workshops by Geoff and Pip
Friday 23rd October 2015 - 9.30am - 4.30pm
Saturday 24th October 2015 - 10am - 2pm
Venue - Natures Sunshine Building
334 Rosedale Road, Albany- (see location map below)
Register by  RSVP- Ph 021-206-8759

THE 5TH BIENNIAL MENTAL WEALTH CONFERENCE Coming up this saturday evening


1.    Engineering of Mental Health
Speaker- Dr Bora Dacic

2.    The Essence of Mental Health
            Speaker-Julian McCusker-Dixon

3.    DVD- “Pharma Matters” Dr Breggin MD

4.    The Impact of Treating and   Pharmaceutical Corporations -
                        Speaker- Penny Bright

5.    A Special Presentation
                              by Geoffrey Morell

Entry- $30 includes supper
RSVP-numbers limited to first 100

Contact Julian McCusker Dixon Ph 021-0831-2626
The New Zealand Healing Association Inc
PO Box 78125 Grey Lynn, Auckland

Monday, September 21, 2015

Coming Soon in October- Two Special Events ...1st -Hands of Light- a presentation by Geoffrey Morrell

HANDS OF LIGHT- Spiritual Healing
Geoffrey Morell ND, JP -energy healer and medical intuitive...
A naturopath by profession, knowing the greatest love is to make people feel better.
A technique of spiritual energy healing, a gift of the Universe.
The form of healing is the Glendinning Technique began over 40 years ago with Geoffrey Morell's discovery of the pendulum. He was shown how to use a needle and thread attached to a cork used as a pendulum. In the coming years he used many kinds of divining rods to find water and other objects. Later he watched a man finding water using only his hands, and realized that the pendulum and the rod were just 'props' which help the person develop psychic talents. Every person has this latent talent. The power to heal, the power to locate things and determine the truth, that does not use the five senses. This talent is more developed in some people that it is in others.
Since then Geoffrey has practiced the art of energy healing in New Zealand, Australia, India, Africa, England, Canada and the United States. Classes and demonstrations are  designed to help others learn to do the same because in fact, we can all be healers using "Energy Medicine".
people from all walks of life have benefited from this healing technique. The healing that takes place is only partially physical. Mental and emotional healing also occurs. Many have lived much longer that expected; one feels humbled about the power of God working through the human beings; even thinking positive thoughts and being happy with our lives.
We absorb negative vibrations from hypochondriacs, pessimists and negative thinkers- hence there is a need to fill yourself with "white light" for protection each morning. The aura is cleared, and entities that inhibit the energy field of a living person act as a parasite, contributing to fatigue, and negativity.
I have received many testimonials, in person and at a distance. X-rays often confirm the results. Even when a person does not experience dramatic change, very often the healing session helps put them on the road to long term healing.

Geoffrey describes this process
The Spirit Guides are there to teach us.  When an entity is found I performs a clearance, provided that the client is receptive, when that clearance has been accomplished the person feels as though a weight or an umbrella is removed, allowing a return to clear thinking, and better energy levels... The physical healing work begins. This is accomplished by carefully running my hands over the body, about 1-2 inches away from the surface, at times lightly touching while visualizing each body part and asking myself whether there are any problems. When my hands start to shake, this tells me that there is an imperfection in the system. I find areas of imperfection or imbalance, I remove the "dross" with my hands working in the etheric.
I do this procedure as the patient is lying down in a prone position, completely clothed. Starting first on the back side, beginning with the feet and moving upwards towards the head. The person then turns over, and the process is repeated on the front side. I find an area of disharmony, for the psychosomatic reason that illness afflicts a curtain spot. This method is combined with teaching of The Western A Price Foundation  ( ) of eating the 'foods of one's ancestors', which gives one a new lease on life.
Occasionally I am told this type of surgery occurs in my mind. My mind effects are as real as if the person was on the operating theater table. I use my middle finger as a "laser"  or "scalpel" to simulate an incision. In my mind's eye I go inside to the afflicted person's organ or area, and make the needed changes. 
It is not necessary to believe in the work that I do in order to benefit - it is only necessary to be receptive. I, the healer, is the one who must believe. I am working as the instrument of The Universe. I can also heal a person using a photograph, name, birth date to effectively work on a person from a distance. I also perform healing on animals, cats, dogs and horses. Animals don't lie They do get better. Their elated owners tell me. The object of each and every one of us is to experience the joy of living, with light and blessings
- I am Geoffrey Morell, ND,JP

Horticulture and Holistic Health
Inseparable and interdependent. See soil as the basis of our existence. Both physics and chemistry engineer longevity. In this Spring issue, 2015,we celebrate the significance of horticulture.
Horticulture and the soil have determinants  of mental wealth and abundant wellbeing .
Enjoy our issues, share the knowledge, and begin the journey.
Julian McCusker-Dixon, -
Chairman of The New Zealand Healing Association Inc.  
For a copy of the latest News & Views newsletter, see Julian at the next meeting -or contact him on (Phone) 021-206-8759

Second Special Event- 
The 5th Mental Wealth Day 2015  
Saturday October 24th 2015-6pm-10pm


Thursday, July 16, 2015

up-Coming Meeting - Sat July 18th 2015

up-Coming Meeting - 

 6pm; Saturday 18th July 2015
* * * * * * * * * * 

Topic- Healing with Acupuncture
Speaker - Gavin Hurliman
venue - Auckland Horticultural Centre
990 Great North Road; 
Western Springs Auckland.   

 Entry- members $10- Public $15
includes organic Soup & Toast supper 
* * * * * * * * * * 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Coming soon- Autumn/Winter Bumper issue of News &Views...

A preview of our Autumn /Winter 2015 edition
Contact Julian if you would like a copy - Mob- 021-206-8759
or email at

Cover feature

 For your interest- Still on target at 86!

Octogenarian Olympian Johanna Quass (86) of Saxony, Germany, April 2012.
She started gymnastics at an early age and appeared in her first competition in 1934 at about 9 yrs old, and progressed to training, and a career as a sports (handball) and gymnastics coach. Quaas rose to prominence in 2012 when several YouTube clips showed her training at age 86 during the Turnier der Meister in Cotbuss. The clips became instant viral hits and generated 3.2 and 3.4 million views.-Information source- Wikipedia
Picture- Courtesy of; Common Constitutionalist

NEXT MEETING- 6.30pm, 18th June 2015

Topic- Ecological Consciousness

We've replaced the incandescent light bulb, separated paper and glass for recycling and we've changed the way we heat our homes.
But- everyday we ignore some of the most damaging things we still do in our homes.


990 Great North Road, Western Springs, Auckland

Opp corner Great North Road and Motions Road,

Western Springs, Auckland

Parking for 60+ cars.


 Following meeting 15th AUGUST 2015

Print deadline

For contributions to NZHA Journal

Spring/Summer  2015 Issue -1st AUGUST2015

Friday, December 19, 2014

55 years- 2015 Summer 2014-15

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The New Zealand Healing Association Inc NEXT MEETING

Meeting held-
SATURDAY 16th AUGUST, 6.30 - 9.30pm

The New Zealand Healing Association Inc



990 Great North Rd, Western Springs,
entrance opposite Motions Rd
Members $10
Visitors welcome
* * * * * *